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Deadly Ever After

Today’s Brew:  Woodchuck Limited Edition Winter Cider

Our First Holiday Gathering--Kristen Strassel

We closed the door behind the last of our guests to leave the party.  Dylan pressed me against the closed door, kissing me deeply as we listened to the car start and back out of the driveway over the snowy gravel on their way back into town.

“You were great tonight, babe.  Everyone loved you.”

“I loved them too.  Your mom is great, and I love the people you work with.” I’d been seeing Dylan for two months now.  I met him on the dating site The Ocean, and neither my girlfriends or I couldn’t believe someone like him was available on there.  Early thirties, high powered banking job, hot as hell, no kids, no baggage.  Guys like this weren’t for the taking on free dating sites.

He led me back to the living room, and he…

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