I have to share this because the beautiful Julie never stops blowing me away. Bravo Lady Julie!

Deadly Ever After

TODAY’S BREW: Santa Nuts. Or, hazelnut mingled lovingly with Santa’s White Christmas blend.

By Julie

Here’s a little ditty that I have been dying to write.  The first short story based on characters from my beloved Running Home and work in progress, Running Away.  I am really excited to give a little insight into the mind of a secondary character, who also happens to be Kristen’s favorite.  Enjoy!  Jeffrey Donovan of Burn Notice, pay attention. You’re playing this guy in the movie.

The Love Abominable


Beneath me. 

This entire state was beneath me, with its moose and bears and flannel shirts and Live Free or Die license plates.  Boston was perfect.  When it was time to kill, there were just enough willing bodies ready.  Masshole women flocked to me like lemmings to the cliff.  Pathetic, how an Italian suit and the word “attorney” catches the heart of a woman…

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A good lesson in never giving up, no matter what. Thanks Julie :-)!

Deadly Ever After

TODAY’S BREW: Santa’s White Christmas blend. Awwwww.

by Julie

Exhaustion brings out the real you.

My Sensei, then seven time world fighting champion Mafia Holloway said this to me as he trained me for endless tournaments, including the Junior Olympics and the Olympic tryouts.  I would start running sprints at six in the morning, we would have breakfast, followed by hours of drills, weight training, repeating techniques, sparring with all manner of inventive twists until my legs burned, my lungs cried, sweat pouring.   Having seen the sun come up, I would train the day away into dusk. By evening, when actual karate class began, I was floored, even with considerable rest periods in the day.  I often did not want to take or teach class, or spar with people who were wide awake  and ready.  But Sensei would always say the same thing:  “The real you comes out when…

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My Goodness! Thanks Mari :-)!

Mari Wells


Many thanks to Habitual Runaway for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award.
I’m so happy to have this award. I’m going to admit I was looking at another blog the other day and was coveting her awards. :blush: I didn’t ever expect to get it. Thank you Ana Ela, for thinking of me when you were nominating blogs. I am so honored.

Alright the rules.

Versatile Blogger Award Acceptance Rules:
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Seven things about me:
1.) Along with my love of vampires, witches and werewolves, I love human anatomy.

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Writers Be Aware of OWC! 🙂

Severed Limb Movement

Dear readers,

I’m here to talk about a very serious aspect of what it means to be a writer and the disadvantages of being one. Set aside the common “OCD” (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) we almost universally seem to have in common, our lack of money (most of the time), our hard to live with characters (don’t even bother denying) and the enemy known as “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome”/”Repetitive Stress Injury” from too much writing and working (fapping not included) there is one more enemy that all too many (aspiring) writers suffer from. This enemy is called OWC.

So before we set out to dissect OWC into small fragments to find out the meaning, let us first explore where the problem is at. OWC is in itself a mental issue, it’s not (or hardly) physical but evident as it is something that you will see surprisingly many writers complain and/or brag about…

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