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Deadly Ever After

Devilish Desires

Today’s Brew: Julie’s French Toast.  Sorry Julie.  I’m enjoying it more than I usually do. 🙂

Today we wrap up our guest appearances feature of Stories To Strip By with a bang.  During our first short story exposition, The Nightmares Before Christmas, Zoey debuted Devilish Desire.  She enjoyed writing the story so much that not only does she offer the second installment of the story for your reading pleasure today, but Zoey is also thrilled to announce that she is developing Devilish Desire into a full length novel!  Here is your first chance to sneak a peak at the cover!


Cover Art completed by Olivia Rivers with permissions outlined here;

Olivia is a member of the Twitter community and can be found
Release date: Right now Devilish Desire is on my list to follow Finding Love’s Wings and the best release date I can…

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A nummy story by the Beautiful Jeanie Grey in The Undead Duo’ Stories to Strip By showcase. Check it out!

Deadly Ever After

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Now here’s a story to strip by if there ever was one by the delightful Jeanie Grey. Follow her on twitter @jeaniegrey.  Get ready to sizzle.

Turning Point

by Jeanie Grey

The next day she gets little hot flashes every time she thinks about him.

The day after that, she finds herself trying not to Facebook-stalk him, settling instead for re-reading for the hundredth time the messages he’d sent her. They turn out to be less fitting material for fantasy than she would like.

She finds herself humming “I’m Not in Love” by 10cc: I’m not in love. So don’t forget it. It’s just a silly phase I’m going through.

“I didn’t know if I’d ever get you here,” he’d said. She was straddling his lap on the futon in the downstairs office of his house. His wife and kids upstairs.

Earlier they’d…

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The Undead Duo is very much alive this Valentine’s Day. Check out their newest post!

Deadly Ever After

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HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY EVERYONE! Kristen and I have thrown together this fun little ditty in light of our recent snowscrewing as we like to call it. Trapped for days with the company of scary neighbors and scarier children, we needed something to warm us all up until the heat came back on.


by Kristen and Julie

The devil children from upstairs were making snow angels outside. Oh, the irony. I sipped my coffee and watched them through narrowed eyes. It may look like they were playing, but I know they were plotting.

I needed to clean the snow off my car, but I couldn’t wait until they went inside. Come on, Marcy, you’re a grown woman, and will not be intimidated by second graders. Pulling on my hat and scarf…

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Stop by and check out the excellent work of Chynna Blue Scott on Deadly Ever After’s Stories to Strip By showcase!

Deadly Ever After

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We are beyond lucky to have a friend like Chynna Blue Scott, and you are beyond lucky to read the poetry of her words. Prepare to be sexified. Follow her @jordonchynna on twitter. Now read.



     If you touched her, she’d burn you.


Her skin runs white-hot, eyes the twin candle flames flickering in the darkness when lovers have long succumbed to slumber. Her golden glow illuminates limbs entwined in simmering remembrance. The fiery light of the living lovers, she scorches without mercy.


She is the smoke, molten-grey tendrils that cascade over ruby lips; the amber glow of the cigarette, crumbling to heated ash. Her hair the stark flash of scarlet against a black backdrop, crackling snapdragon burn in velvet shadows. Sparking, shimmering nails that would rend you in twain beckon…

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Stories to Strip By Begins tomorrow featuring the fabulous Mari Wells. Make sure you stop by and check out her story and come back for all the rest. You must not miss the 26th and Your Truly! :-D!

Deadly Ever After

TODAY’S BREW: Chocolate cherry. Just sexy enough.

by Julie

Ah, February! The time for those of us still in love with the idea of Valentine’s Day to let out our inner sex-crazed fiend. Or inner romantic. The Undead Duo endorses both for our month-long feature Stories To Strip By that will leave you swooning, panting and screaming for more. The schedule is as follows for you to look forward to. Do wear your best underthings.

February 2  Mari Wells: Just Another Hunt

February 4  Jacqueline Czel: Twitter Crush

February 8  Josh Hewitt: Hurting From Wanting You

February 10  Beau Barnett: Make A Wish

February 12 Chynna Blue Scott: Steam

February 14  A little fun with Kristen and Julie

February 16 Jeanie Grey: Turning Point

February 20  Chris Liccardi: Believe

February 22  Jillian Wegrocki Marques: Stranger

February 26  Zoey Derrick: Devilish Desires Part 2

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