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Deadly Ever After

TODAY’S BREW: So much Dunkin Donuts that I could only give a transfusion to a donut in an emergency.

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY EVERYONE! Kristen and I have thrown together this fun little ditty in light of our recent snowscrewing as we like to call it. Trapped for days with the company of scary neighbors and scarier children, we needed something to warm us all up until the heat came back on.


by Kristen and Julie

The devil children from upstairs were making snow angels outside. Oh, the irony. I sipped my coffee and watched them through narrowed eyes. It may look like they were playing, but I know they were plotting.

I needed to clean the snow off my car, but I couldn’t wait until they went inside. Come on, Marcy, you’re a grown woman, and will not be intimidated by second graders. Pulling on my hat and scarf…

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