Awesome cover release.

Sara Fawkes Writes

This week has been full of many non-writerly things, so I apologize for not having new material to show off in that respect. May I, however, introduce the cover for the next AHW serial, Anything He Wants 6: Castaway!! 😛




I’m pretty pleased with the final result, courtesy of Cover Magic. While its a slight change from the previous covers, I grew a little tired of seeing the same stock images on other books and wanted a cover that told a story. 😀

Thoughts? Comments? Hate it, love it? 😉

EDITED TO ADD: Hmm, not much excitement about the cover. Glad I gave myself enough time to go back to the drawing board if necessary, thanks for all the tips and thoughts!! 😀

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The Dying Breed of Books.. Thanks Undead Duo for this story. It is so very True!

Deadly Ever After

TODAY’S BREW: Irish Coffee & Chocolate Cherry & Dutch Chocolate because I drink so much coffee. So much.

by Julie

Yesterday I kept my 6year old home from school because the calendar said no school when there actually was school. This is neither here nor there. I had planned for our special day off to go to a shopping plaza about 45 minutes away that we enjoy together. The car ride is always fun because my kids listen to good music. We go to the little toy store there, and we loved to go to Barnes & Noble. Both my kids love books, and the 6 year old reads at genius level. We’d spend two hours or more there, which is a feat with two toddlers. They loved to play with the train table in the kids section, sit with me and read a bunch of books in the reading…

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