TOP 5: Book Besties – Celebrating our Favorite Females in Modern Romance (plus a giveaway)

#Floored #Speechless #Giddy #Overwhelmed

Those are just a few of the words this article brings about in me….
Aside from rocking back and forth in a pool of #HappyTears!!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop by The Smutsonian​’s Website and check out Shurrn​/s TOP 5 Book BFF’s!! These are the ladies you all want to be best friends with in the Romance World…

I am beyond honored to be listed here with of my own personal favorites: Alice Clayton​, Sylvia Day​ and Christina Lauren​ – but fall over to be at the top of this impressive list!!

Come #VOTE – Who is your Top BFF? If it’s Addison, PLEASE vote for her!! ❤

The Smutsonian

Celebrating our favorite females in Contemporary Romance

There’s a lot of talk about Book Boyfriends – those delicious males that keep us company in our fantasies long after we’ve closed their books… Those gorgeous guys would be nothing without the women who back them up.

Time for a little bit of Girl Power, because none of our book boyfriends are perfect – they all needed the love and support of an amazing woman to shape them into the men we know and love.

These are the fictional women I’d love to hang out with – to spend a night on the couch drinking too much wine and swapping stories. The women who prove that this genre is more than pushover virgins and shrinking violets. These women might enjoy a little power play inside of the bedroom but they are firmly in control outside of the house. They…

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